[ vinyl 復刻版 ] 「Fragrance of Notes」( 180g重量盤 ) 先行メールオーダーのご案内。    2020.5.25

vinyl復刻版「Fragrance of Notes」のメールオーダーをレーベルD&Sにて、承っております。


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4. 枚数  *商品価格:3,980円(消費税別)


[ dandstokyo[at]gmail.com ]
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2) 発送は「ゆうパック」にてお送りいたします。概算送料は下記の通りです。

 北海道  1,350 
 東北 関東 信越 北陸 東海   920 
 東京  850 
 近畿  1,020 
 中国 四国  1,130 
 九州  1,350 
 沖縄  1,450 
mama!milk/Fragrance of Notes

[[ Discography ]] Fragrance of Notes [ 復刻版 vinyl ]

For overseas Customers

Greetings From Kyoto, we hope you and the family are all safe and healthy.
Now we are excited to announce the Re-issue of “Fragrance of Notes” 180g Limited Vinyl.
The original LP was released in 2008, and it has been “WANT LIST” for many vinyl lovers since then.
“Fragrance of Notes” was the 4th album with all compositions written by mama!milk which won Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide Awards 2009 “Jazz Album of the Year 2009”.

Please see our bandcamp for reservation.


Thank you,
D&S label and mama!milk


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